Road Traffic Offences

Speeding LimitsNotice of Intention to Prosecute

For many drivers the first knowledge they have been caught on camera of committing a speeding or red traffic light offence is when the receive a letter through the post from the Police called a Notice of Intention to Prosecute which also asks that you provide the name of the driver at the time of the offence. Under Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 you are required to supply this information within 28 days of service of the Notice.

The Notice should provide Particulars of the Offence such as the following:

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicular Colour
  • Vehicle Model
  • Date of Offence
  • Time of Offence
  • Location of Offence
  • Reference Number
  • Nature of Offence
  • Section and Act to which offence relates

It is important to check all the details and contact our office for assistance. It is common in such circumstances for a Fixed Penalty to be offered to you as an alternative to prosecution, this is referred to as a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty. The offer for Camera detected offences is £60 plus 3 Penalty Points. If you have 9 points or more on your driving licence you will not be eligible for the Fixed Penalty and will have to attend Court. if you passed your driving licence within the last 2 years you can still be dealt with by a Fixed Penalty unless you already have 3 or more points on your licence. In this case you will be referred to the Procurator Fiscal and receive a citation for court.

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