Making a Will – Let us Help You

The majority of people avoid making a Will as nobody wants to think of dying and put it off thinking why bother its not necessary. Unfortunately your family or loved ones may lose out in the future if there is no Will to outline your wishes. In reality the sense of peace of mind and wellbeing is the most common reaction we hear from Clients after they make a Will. By making a Will you can safeguard the interests of your family, co-habitants, dependents and friends. It is estimated that as many as 76% of the population have no Will or an out of date one. Circumstances change, particularly with regard to Inheritance Tax Liabilities arising from increasing house values and inheriting from parents. Family breakups and divorce can also have an impact.

Our Will service is designed to be user friendly and not complicated. Whether your estate is relatively small and straightforward or large and massively complicated and of great value, having proper advice and guidance can not only make life a lot less stressful, it can save thousands of pounds to your family in the future.

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