Criminal & Road Traffic Offences

An Arrest is not a Conviction and if you find yourself subject to a criminal charge call us first before speaking to the Police. If detained by Police do not take part in an interview without legal representation  from Flanagan & Co 0141 334 7686. We are on the Police Station Duty Solicitor list and you should tell the Police that you wish an initial telephone consultation with us first. The Police will then call the Scottish Legal Aid Board who will then call us on your behalf.

Our Criminal Department has experience in representing clients and success in challenging crown evidence and witnesses. We take an analytical approach to the charge (complaint) against you and combine that with case law to give you the best advise.

We often receive instructions from clients after they have been involved in a road traffic accident and they following points should be of interest if you ever have the unfortunate misfortune to be in such a situation

  1. Ensure everyone is safe and DO NOT ADMIT THAT YOU ARE AT FAULT do not say sorry.
  2. Call 999 if anyone is injured and ask for an Ambulance.
  3. If the other driver leaves without providing his details phone the Police on 101.
  4. Take a note of the other cars registration number, colour of car and make of car, the driver’s name and details his insurance details and the name and contact details of any witnesses. Photograph the vehicles involved, the damage and if safe to do so take photographs of the accident scene and location from different angles.
  5. Take a note of the address where the accident happened – is there a street name house number or landmark nearby.
  6. Report the accident to the Police and your insurers.
  7. Obtain the name and shoulder badge of the Police Officer dealing with the accident and the name of his/her Police station
  8. Arrange for your vehicle to be uplifted to a garage if it is undriveable

If you are charged by the Police do not give an interview before contacting Flanagan & Co  first.