Mortgage Repossession – We can help?

If you are in arrears with your Mortgage and at risk of losing your home through repossession make an appointment to see us for advice. The Home Owner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Act 2010 is available as follows:

  • Requires your lender (Mortgage Company, Bank or Building Society), to give you advice before taking you to court,
  • Ensures that all cases appear in court,
  • Allows the Sheriff Court to delay repossession to allow you the borrower an opportunity to get help, pay arrears or make other arrangements.

You should speak to us and consider your options. Very often arrears arise due to a change in financial circumstances and steps to look at are:

  1. Can you switch to a cheaper mortgage provider?
  2. Are you managing your income and expenditure and paying essential creditors such as mortgage and council tax, or over spending?
  3. Are you entitled to welfare benefits or other income?
  4. If the mortgage is too much have you considered applying to the Mortgage to Rent scheme?
  5. Are you able to afford to defend a repossession action? Is legal Aid an option?


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