Family Law

Our Family Law department is available to provide legal advice on all aspects of Family Law, including Divorce, Separation, Contact with and Residence of Children, Children’s Hearings and Parental Rights and Responsibilities. If you have a specific issue please let us know.  A summary of each work area is outlined below on this page.


When a relationship breaks down the thought of raising divorce proceedings can be quite daunting and extremely difficult. We at Flanagan & Co recognise the concerns of our clients and provide a friendly and listening approach to alleviate the worry. At our initial meeting with you we will provide legal advice in respect of the options available to you before you decide whether or not to proceed.

In Scotland the Court may grant decree of divorce if it is established that the (a) the marriage has broken down irretrievably or (b) an interim recognition certificate has been issued under the Gender Recognition Act 2004 after the date of the marriage to either party of the marriage.

The main reasons for Divorce are:-

·       Adultery,

·       Unreasonable Behaviour,

·       Non cohabitation between the spouses:-

– for 1 year and the Defender consents to divorce.

– Non cohabitation between the spouses for 2 years with no consent required.

Depending on your particular needs we will discuss with you the arrangements that need to be made for your children in terms of their residence and care and contact with the other spouse. The less financially secure spouse will be worried about how he/she will survive and again we will provide advice on how the parties may negotiate a financial settlement through a Minute of Agreement or have the matter of financial provision decided by the Court.

Our aim will always be to provide you with the best legal advice on each of these matters and to ensure that the best interests of the children remain the absolute priority and are kept entirely distinct from any financial dispute between you and your spouse.

Flanagan & Co is well placed to help you with your divorce in a professional manner and will not exert any pressure upon you to make a decision you are not comfortable with or not ready to make. We will provide sufficient advice on your options so that your decision is from an informed perspective.

Where one of the spouses is in the public spotlight and as a result the divorce may be of public or political interest to the media we will exercise reputation management and would be willing to arrange to meet you at a discreet location away from our offices to obtain your instructions and to provide adequate professional advice.

Contact Flanagan & Co by telephone to 0141 334 7686 or by email to at the earliest opportunity for expert legal advice. Alternatively contact us through our Contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.