Your Appointment – What we need.

Proof Of Identity

The Money Laundering Regulations 1993 set out a requirement for solicitors to obtain verification of client identity. Therefore at your first appointment, we will need to verify your identity. To allow us to do so we ask that you bring with you either one item from List A and one item from List B

If you don’t have everything though, just let us know at your appointment.

List A

  • Full valid National passport
  • Valid UK photocard driving licence
  • Valid H.M. Forces identity card bearing signatory’s photograph
  • Young Persons NI Card (under 18 only)
  • Pensioner’s travel pass
  • Building Society passbook
  • Copy Company Certification of Incorporation.

List B

  • Bank account or credit card statement less than three months’ old
  • Utility bill (Gas, Electricity, telephone) less than three months old (but not a mobile phone bill)
  • Current Council Tax bill
  • Mortgage statement for the mortgage accounting year just ended.
  • Young Persons medical card (under 18 only)

All items in List B must show your current address.

Other Information

Depending on the nature of your appointment, we may also require some additional information from you.

If you are seeing us about your Will for example, then we will need an idea of what assets you own, as well as details of the people you’d like to name.

If you are seeing us about dealing with an estate of a deceased relative or spouse please bring in a Death Certificate and the Will (if there is one) as well as details of what the person owned, such as recent bank statements and Deeds to their home (if you have them).

If you’re unsure which papers are relevant, just bring anything you think will be helpful and we can always get the rest later.