“The Police charged me with Careless driving having been stopped while dropping my girlfriend off after a night at the Cinema in Glasgow. The Police Officers claimed I was speeding so fast that the back of my car was “fishtailing”. At the trial Mr Flanagan challenged their evidence and won my case.” – Mr C

“After my marriage broke down my husband left home and was later made bankrupt when his business failed. I remained in the matrimonial home with the children and received a letter from the Mortgage company advising that I should attend the offices of the solicitor who carried out the conveyance work when we had previously re-mortgaged and that I should sign some paperwork.  Instead of doing so I first asked Mr Flanagan for advice and after he checked the mortgage papers he discovered that I was not liable for the mortgage debts and the standard security could not be enforced. If I had signed the paperwork suggested they would have repossessed my home and I would be homeless now. John Flanagan saved my home.”  – Mrs B